Mid Year Fasting for June 2020 for 7 consecutive days

by Greg Ota

Jun 8, 2020 | Bible Study

June 8-14, 2020

Day 1 ( June 8)

  • Psalm 85:6 Revive us to seek your face on the issues that we are faced with now, in Jesus name
  • Psalm 80:19 Lord let your face shine on us at this that we might seek after souls
  • Habakkuk 3:2 Revive us in the midst of the year that none of our blessings for this year is lost to the enemy, in Jesus name
  • Personal supplication
  • Personal supplication
  • Pray for bereaved families

Day 2 ( June 9)

  • Mark 16:15 Father open my eyes to see opportunities in and outside the community to bring souls to you in the name of Jesus.
  • Matthew 28:19 As we go, in obedience to your command, give us a mouth and a wisdom to compel our neighbors to come with us to worship you, in the name of Jesus
  • Jeremiah 1:27 Father, empower us to go where the need to hear about Jesus Christ is, send the angels to guide and leads us to them, in Jesus name
  • Personal supplication
  • Pray for hospitals in the area
  • Pray for your church

Day 3 (June 10)

  • Matthew 9:37-38 – Father, guide my every move, in obedience to bringing people into the kingdom as you have commanded, in Jesus name
  • 1 Corinthians 9:22 – Father, as I take the humble position of a servant, guide me to reach the unreachable to the glory of God
  • Isaiah 6:8 – By your command, you have sent me to go; as I go Lord, bless my every step for conquest over the ploys of the enemy to keep souls from the kingdom, in Jesus name
  • Personal Supplication
  • Pray for your city government

Day 4 (June 11)

  • Colossians 4:2 – Father, baptize me with the spirit of supplication, to continuously intercede for the growth of the Kingdom of God on earth
  • Luke 19:10 – As I become sensitized to the plight of the unsaved, heavenly Father, empower me to seek and to lead to salvation, those that are lost.
  • Mark 16:16 – Guide me with heavenly wisdom, let my utterances convict and convince all that do not know Christ in the pardoning of their sin, to come to the knowledge and accept salvation.
  • Pray for the hospitals and front line workers in this pandemic
  • Pray for your family’s health

Day 5 (June 12)

  • Matthew 6:33 – Father, as we seek your kingdom above all else, guide us in our thoughts, utterances and behavior, to preach by our character not necessarily words; that we might attract others to you, in Jesus name
  • Colossians 1:13 – The kingdom of God is light, darkness has no power over light. Hence if we walk in the knowledge of Him, the enemy is helpless in our affairs and those we influence
  • Matthew 16:18 – Heavenly Father, your church belongs to you and not man. May we treat the people and the church as yours and remove our eyes from man
  • Pray for the victims of inequality
  • Pray for the families of all who have lost a loved one to covid-19 and racial injustice

Day 6 (June 13)

  • John 14:15– Father, help us to relate obedience to our love for you. May we truly love and obey every of your commands for us knowing they are good for us.
  • 1 Samuel 15:22– Heavenly Father, we know that obedience is better than sacrifice; help us to abandone the idea of sacrifice in place of obedience. Allow us to obey by bringing souls into your kingdom
  • James 1:22– We pray for the ability to act and do what we have been commanded and not deceive ourselves into thinking hearing is enough
  • Pray for church growth
  • Pray for individual growth – spiritually

Day 7 (June 14)

  • 1 Thessalonians 5:18 – We give you thanks for hearing and answering our prayers
  • Philippians 4:6 –Father, we believe in you and the ability to answer all our prayers; send us help as we rest in your peace knowing we have been heard.
  • Psalm 107:1 – O give thanks to the Lord, for you are good and your plans for us are better than our plans for ourselves.
  • Pray for a supernatural increase in church attendance
  • Pray for an increase in the number of souls that came to Christ through you
  • Pray for revelations

Thank you Lord for answered prayers

Post written by <a href="https://newlifeempowerment.org/author/greg/" target="_self">Greg Ota</a>

Post written by Greg Ota

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